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In Topic: Greetings From Ashybear!

Yesterday, 02:41 PM

Heyyyyy Ashyyyy!!!! Welcome! 

In Topic: Happy Birthday

December 11, 2017

Happy Birthday VANS!

In Topic: Video Game Shenanigans With SpaceCoder

December 09, 2017

lol Space that is pretty good clips

In Topic: What do you do? (Jobs Post)

December 09, 2017

I currently work at Wawa, Inc. as a Fuel Associate (because you can't pump your own gas here in New Jersey..LOL). But I am in the works of getting into becoming an EMT. But, hopefully getting a job at Alert Ambulance or in a local township for EMS. 


I have also been  doing Volunteer EMS for my local township as a give back to my community. I am hoping for big things in 2018.

In Topic: What is your Avatar?

December 09, 2017

It is me outside my house hanging out in a cold windy day... but of course you can't know if it was windy... LOL`