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Computer is Deaderino

October 08, 2016

Operating System: Windows 10

Motherboard: ASUS Maximus Hero VIII

Graphics/Video Card (GPU): EVGA GTX 980Ti Hybrid

Processor (CPU): Intel i7 6700k

Hard Drive (HDD): 3TB Western Digital Black, OCZ Vertex 460A 240gb, Samsung 850 EVO 500gb

Memory (RAM): G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series 16gb (2x8) DDR4 2400

Other Notes: PSU: PC Power & Cooling MKIII Silencer 750w

I was playing a game today and I began to smell a electrical burning smell and shortly after my computer started lagging and forced a system shutdown. It tried restarting itself but I stopped it and turned the power switch off on the back of the PSU to make sure there was nothing being powered in my system. About 10 minutes later I turned the switch back on and my motherboard and CPU cooler lights turned on (these always remain on while my system is turned off but the AC power is still connected). I then turned my computer on and my LED strip (Hue+ flicked on and off once and I heard a single click noise from my PSU and then it seemed to turn immediately back off (Though my motherboard and CPU cooler lights remained on so there was still some power coming through).


Any idea what it might be? I figured that it is my PSU causing the issue, but I can't test it since my computer won't turn on and I don't have a spare PSU around. I ordered a new Corsair RMi 750 80+ Gold which should get here by Monday, but that is a gamble since I'm not 100% it is my PSU or not.


Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks :)

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare... and... CALL OF DUTY 4 REMASTERED CONFIRMED!

May 02, 2016

I'm literally crying right now, god bless Call of Duty 4...


Constant Buzzing Noise in Headphones/Speakers

April 26, 2016

Operating System: Windows 10

Motherboard: MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming

Graphics/Video Card (GPU): EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hybrid

Processor (CPU): Intel i7 3770k

Hard Drive (HDD): WD Black 1TB 7200RPM

Memory (RAM): 4x4gb 1333Mhz Corsair Vengeance

Other Notes: Sound Card: ASUS Xonar DX

So... Here I am again, big surprise right? :)


Last night I decided to play a couple games of CS:GO and I ran into a issue while doing so. I finished one game up and the game went on to loading the next level where my game ended up crashing without leaving a crash error message or anything like that. Though, what it did end up leaving me was an annoying ass buzzing sound which now plays through my headphones/external speakers.


I have a feeling it might have something to do with my sound card (ASUS Xonar DX), though it is hard for me to test that out because I believe that I somehow disabled my motherboards on-board audio which I am working on figuring out how I did that. So if I figure that out and it doesn't have the buzzing noise playing through that then I can most likely say something happened to my audio card after that game crash. But right now, I have no idea what the heck is going on or what to do.


Curious if anyone here might have had a similar issue or somewhat of an idea to do in order to try and track down the cause of this. I'll include a sound file of the buzzing noise that I recorded from my iPhone, not sure if it'll help or not, but can't hurt.


I appreciate any help with this and if I left something out that might be helpful please let me know and I'll get it added right away.

Planning To Upgrade, Advice Welcome!

April 21, 2016

What's up peeps, hope that all has been well with you all!


I'm finally back in the market for some PC upgrades and I'd love to get your advice if you have suggestions/recommendations. I'm looking to get EVERYTHING up to date in my system and do it right this time (by that I mean make this look sexy, I'm looking at you cable management  :wallbash:).


So currently, I pretty much have taken the "Professional Build" from KBMod's April Build Guide and applied it to my system, though I'd like advice on any changes that you'd recommend. I'll comment my concerns below for specific parts that I had in mind.


My Current Build:



My Upgraded Build (Planning Phase):



PC Part Picker Link For Upgrade: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/MhCwwP


*Update 1: I've updated my list with some updates:

  • Changed: Corsair H110i was swapped to the Corsair H115i
  • Changed: G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series 16gb DDR4-2400 was changed to G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series 16gb DDR4-3000
  • Added: Western Digital Black Series 3tb 7200RPM HDD
  • Added: Samsung 850 EVO-Series 500gb

Is this possible? 1440p perfect downscale to 1080p

March 23, 2016

So recently I've been getting the itch to stream a little bit though it has become tougher since I upgraded to a 1440p monitor and games now use more resources. I'm curious if anyone happens to know of a way to achieve a perfect downscale resolution from 1440p to 1080p. What I mean by this is possible some software that would be able to add black bars on the border of my monitor and reproducing a 1080p resolution.


The reason I am curious about this is because I don't want my game to be blurry by regularly down scaling from 1440p to 1080p as it just shrinks everything and it is not a 1:1 ratio (unlike 720p to 1440p).


I'm looking for ways to reduce my CPU load by any amount as I can hit up to 70% just with BF4 on my i7 3770k


Any ideas? :D