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#215681 Have Fun With This Easter Egg | Unlocks Dice LA BF4 Skin

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on December 22, 2015

Just going to leave this here for you to take in...


#214841 If Star Wars Battlefront had Voice Chat

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on December 07, 2015

Love those videos haha.

#214824 Very High RAM Usage On Startup

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on December 07, 2015

If you boot your computer in safe mode do you get the same memory usage? 

When I booted into safe mode it was down to 4% usage. Once I restarted out of safe mode it seems to be back to normal now for the most part. I have all my applications open that I normally have running and I'm at about 17% usage (2.8gb of 16gb). Hopefully it stays like that and does not happen again!

#214529 Montage #6

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 27, 2015

Vader rape trainnnnnn

#214471 Battlefront: Did you know you can...?

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 24, 2015

episode 2:


#214414 Battlefront: Did you know you can...?

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 23, 2015

Is battlefront worth the $60 bucks in its current state? Or would you recommend waiting a month to get it?


Nimbus isn't wrong when it comes to the lack of maps since there are only 4 for Supremacy, Walker Assaul, and Fighter Squadron t (the main gamemodes) and 6 maps for the smaller team maps. For some, that will make the game get old pretty quick and would normally make me refund a game *cough (Hardline)* but I'm still stunned by the amazing graphics and fluidity of the game. There are also some game-mechanics which can easily be abused and can cause people to rage when done so.


Despite the games pretty big flaws I still find myself enjoying the hell out of it. I'd say mainly because I absolutely love Star Wars and they did a 9.9/10 job on the graphics/sound (minus hero sounds) in the game to match the original trilogy. I agree with Nimbus though, if you didn't pre-order on day one because you are a Star Wars nerd then you probably would be best off just waiting until the first DLC drops and when they have fixed some of the mechanics which can be broken.


Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 21, 2015

Where are the Doritos?

#214299 Another Rocket League DLC Announcement!

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 18, 2015

Loving the looks of the map from the video! It would be nice to have a night version of it as well :D

#214296 Discord Experimental In-Game Overlay!

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 18, 2015

Discord has released their experiemental version of the in-game overlay and it is pretty gosh darn sexy! Below I'll copy their Tweets they posted today if you are interested in looking for a little challenge in unlocking the secret overlay option, if not then I'll put a spoiler tag below :D




Enter the ______ code to hear the _____ then go to ________ to see the unlocked _______ ___.






#214245 Star Wars: Battlefront Pre-Order Game Key - $50

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 17, 2015

I'll take it


Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 12, 2015

Oh that's really funny... YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK ABOUT THAT?!



#213666 [Solved] Need High Quality Headset ASAP

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 06, 2015

So @MrMackeyMKayyy how do you like the new toy? 


When I got my headset in the mail and set it up the first thing that I noticed was that it was like putting warm butter on top of my head. It felt amazing! They did a great job in the design although looking at the headset you wouldn't think of it being a ~$200.00 headset due to the heavily plastic look.


In terms of performance I opted in to using the USB audio adapter that came with it and sadly it didn't have any software to go with it so I was limited in changing certain audio levels and such. I was pretty disappointed with the audio quality of the USB audio adapter after using my Logitech G35's for around 3 1/2 years as the sound seemed to have too much bass which made things hard to hear especially when playing games and trying to listen to people talk in VOIP. I tried playing through it and while I started getting used to it I felt down in the dumps because of spending all that money for that type of quality. Thankfully @paladinZero told me to get in touch with @LightEightSix and he gave me advice to buy the ASUS Xonar DX (~$80.00) audio card and set up his personal settings for me once I had it installed. After he did that, my god....... Everything sounds like warm butter and I've tweaked a few audio settings to perfect it to my taste.


So with the help of a audio card the headset is beautiful. The mic quality is very good according to people providing feedback on it and saying my voice seemed clearer. I love my current setup and do I think it was worth about $300? Having the ability to change my audio settings easy and getting that perfect sound for any game, you bet your ass I think it's worth it for high quality sound. I didn't know what I was missing out on.

#213337 Black Ops 3 to have Mapping & Modding tools for PC

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on November 02, 2015

Sounds great to me, if it happens...

#213191 [Solved] Need High Quality Headset ASAP

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on October 30, 2015

I've chosen my headset, thanks for the feedback everyone on the forum and on Discord. I ended up going with the Sennheiser 363D



Hey everyone, so I just managed to snap my Logitech G35's in half while watching Bob Ross on Twitch and I'm in need for a new headset as soon as possible. Currently I've been looking at these two headsets below and would like your input (please feel free to recommend other headsets).


Sennheiser Game One:



Steel Series - H Wireless:



If I have to set a budget, I'd prefer it to be around $350 with a maximum of $400. I'm looking for a high quality headset that is well made and performs very well. Either Wired or Wireless, as long as the wireless does not suck balls like the Logitech g350 or whatever it is.





#212976 How to easily get the Pahntom Bow

Posted by MrMackeyMKayyy on October 28, 2015

ffs dice, always have to carebare the shit out of everything.