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Hendroski | Rocket League Clips Pt. 1

April 04, 2017

Here are some of my Rocket League clips from the past couple months. Lemme know what you guys/gals think!


Hey, I'm Hendroski

April 01, 2017

I'm 22 years old living in Maryland, US. I tend to have a lot of free time (especially on the weekends) and the free time is usually spent playing PC games when I'm not at work.


I play waaay too much Rocket League (about 800 hours on record now) but when I'm  not playing RL, I've also been playing Ghost Recon WIldlands and Titanfall 2. And of course, I have the collection of Steam games that I've bought on sales but have yet to touch haha.


Anyways, feel free to add me on Steam! I look forward to contributing to this community and meeting some new people to play with.


Thanks, guys!