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GSN Retro Arcade Merch Now Available!

January 26, 2017

Just wanted to announce that those of you who weren't able to make it out to the 2016 LAN party can now get your hands on the sweet design we had done for shirts that were given to attendees. In fact, not only can you get the design on the shirt, you can get the shirt, hoodie, phone case, coffee mug or even sticker on Design by Humans. 

Special Offer: Get up to 20% off with the @designbyhumans tiered sale. Use code: *Eyescream* at checkout. (10% off site-wide. 15% off with orders larger then $50. 20% off with orders larger then $75)




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January 15, 2017

Not being respectful of others in the community on the forums and discord. Was contacted by myself to ask him to change his behavior (to give him another chance) but he decided to throw a fit and leave. Removed from discord and the forums. 


January 15, 2017

Banned for being a general creep to women on our discord.


Attached File  eJwVzNsNwyAMAMBdGADzMqbZBhFEqEKNwP2qunvVG-A-6r1udahLZO4D4Oy78Dr1Fl65Vd2Y213z7FsXHpBFcrlGfckGQpcipeSJLHr0ERwZk0Iwj2gxoLHWQR__5Tmb-v4AoSkhmQ.jpg   74.28KB   14 downloads


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December 30, 2016

Received multiple reports of Joseph joining channels and bothering those in channel with off topic, very weird/creepy, very sexual conversations. He has been removed from our forums and discord.

Should GSN Gaming rent a Battlefield One server?

October 19, 2016

Some of you guys are already playing BF1, some of you are waiting for the official release. I'm here to gauge interest on a Battlefield One server for GSN Gaming.


Things we know

  • We can only rent servers from DICE. No 3rd party servers allowed.
  • We will have limited customization of servers. (aka no 3,000 tickets, instant vehicle respawn, no explosives, etc)
  • We probably won't have much admin control. Maybe change map, restart server, etc. Maybe kick/ban feature added after launch in November. Banning will probably be left up to DICE and their anti-cheat (More info should be released soon)
  • Pricing: http://www.pcgamer.c...rices-revealed/
  • Server rental starts in NOVEMBER.

Source: https://forums.battl...#Comment_266290


That being said, would you guys help support a GSN BF1 server that costs us $42.99 a month (on top of our $75 goal, bringing our total up to $120) Please vote.