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Name Origination

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PeNN for Penn State and since I cant just have PeNN as a name, I said ... hey what about pennsil ... and soon became my name from MrFulcrous



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Mine is kind of uneventful...

When I was working at Ubisoft and I had to make an intern Uplay account, I looked to my right and there was a printer. 
I thought to myself ''God I hate those fucking things.'' - then thought it'd be funny to use a printer name for a gamertag. 

My work account was HPDeskjet, then when I got a PC at home and made a personal Uplay account, I called myself HPLaserjet. 
I met a bunch of cool dudes in Rainbow Six and we were playing together every day and they all had a ''5'' in their gamertags so I changed the ''s'' to a ''5'' in mine. It caught on and I proceeded to use it everywhere. 

Oh but my steam original name is HPOfficejet, although I also have it set to HPLa5erjet so that people can still find me. 

Fuck printers. 

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