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We are excited to re-launch our new 50-slot Chernarus (custom) private hive server. This server is now being maintained and customized by @Headword. List of full customizations will be below.


NOTE #1: This server has an advanced combat logging system. Any action (moving, shooting, opening your menu) will activate your combat icon. You cannot log out while any player is within 25 meters of you or if zombies are close. Get to safe place, stand completely still for 30 seconds to de-activate your combat icon. Then safely disconnect from the server. ALT-F4'ing to disconnect will reset your character and put you back on the beach. DO NOT ALT-F4.


NOTE #2: This server is NO LONGER whitelisted. If you are effected by a glitcher/hacker, we can roll your character or the server back via our dayz support.

Recent Updates
Week 1 in Review (May 10, 2013)
Week 2 in Review (May 13, 2013)

- Week 3-4 in Review (May 25, 2013)

- Week 5 in Review (June 3, 2013)

- Week 6 in Review (June 6, 2013)
Server Links
Server Rules
DayZ Support
DayZ Server Stats
DayZ Forum

GSNGaming.com | 300+ Vehicles | Modded (v1.7.6.1/101334) [ NP:OFF | 3DP:ON | CH:ON | UTC-6 | NFO-Chicago ]
Port: 2303
Map: Chernarus (Custom)
DayZ Version:
ARMA 2 Version: 101334
Timezone: Pacific
Name Plates: OFF
Cross Hairs: ON
3rd Person: ON
- NFO Chicago Server.
- Chernarus (Custom Buildings, Weapons, Vehicles, Spawn Locations, etc.)
- Custom weapons (coming soon)
- Side chat enabled (text chat only)
- 300+ vehicle spawns. (Cars, Trucks, Helicopters, Planes, etc)
- Hive backups every 15 minutes.
- Anti-hacks protection.

- Advanced Combat Logging System.
- Day & night time (full moon) cycles.
- Automated restarts every 4 hours w/ warnings.
- Support ticket system for support: http://gsngaming.com/support
- Teamspeak 3 channels available for use.
- Backed by a financially stable community.

- Groups/Clans of any size welcome.
- Access to global and personal statistics: http://stats.gsngami...m/dayz/vanilla/

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