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Gaming YouTuber Here!

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Greetings from Thee_Gamemaster


Hello my fellow gamers this is Thee_Gamemaster, I am new to this gaming community...obviously. And I am a veteran of video games, I've been playing games for years. I am not just a hardcore gamer I am also a new YouTuber I recently started it up last Summer, its been slow but its starting to grow. My videos may not be great but we all have to start somewhere. The more videos I make the more ideas I might acquire. And if you want to play some games together then let me know and I will see what I can do.



I look forward to gaming with ya.

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Welcome to GSN Forums, and Hopefully to see you around the discord playing games with us! Enjoy your stay!



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Welcome to the forums!
Hope to catch a few games with you soon!

Mind you, GSN and Youtube, Twitch, etc. are separate entities. 
We don't do any promoting of those platforms within our grounds, but I hope you can enjoy your stay and chill with our awesome community! 


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