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Need a new setup...

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So I need a new setup..mine is rather sad...mine is currently viewable in my profile..


I'm talking all of it..case..mobo..HDs...video..audio...even keyboard (not mouse tho..I'm just going to look fod and find another exactly or similar to mine because it's GREAT with my humongous hand xD) 


My challenge is this...as cheap as possible, but still able to play games like PUBG, COD, BF1, etc.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd go.


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If i were you I’d wait for an 1160



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What would you consider to be cheap? Cause you can definitely build something that could play those games for under $1000 bucks but it would more than likely limit the hell out of the room/mobo/chip to allow for future upgrades.


My first stop is always skimming over the last few months Build Guides on KBMOD : https://kbmod.com/ca...y/build-guides/


That will give you a parts list to skim through and see where the bang for the buck lies. Sept they posted an $800 build but it had a microATX board which unless you are building an HTPC or something isn't going to allow for expansion beyond a certain point. Then it included a single 1TB Mechanical HDD which we all know isn't going to do shit compared to an SSD not to mention most people couldn't store their shadowplay clips on that thing.


Just depends on what cheap means to you. I would at the very least get a super solid CPU/MOBO and maybe limit some of the other things until the money is there. It's the best way to get maximum life out of it overall(at least in my PCs).


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PUBG requires a NASA computer. Here's to hoping version 1.0 lowers to the requirements to that of a Police Scanner.

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