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A Re-Introduction

robville that_dude_who_talked_too_much re-introduction introduction intro

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So it has been a long time since I have posted anything on GSN, a lot has changed since then, and undoubtedly very few of you know me. In the interest of not creeping out all the fresh faces I figured I would re-introduce myself, since I intend on actually doing stuff around here again. 


My name is Rob but you can call me robville (or Rob I'll answer to both lol). I am 26 and have been around this fine community since I was 22. At one point I was an admin for the community, (advanced admin I think was the level but I believe that was converted to member later on... idk) and used to be really involved, but alas school took up too much time and I had to sideline a lot of my online activities. I did participate in two meetups in 2015 (2016?) and got a chance to relish in the collective smells of this fine community of shitbuckets. I am currently finishing up my Capstone project for my degree in Media Arts and Sciences through IUPUI's School of Informatics and Computing. I am heading up a project with the President Benjamin Harrison Museum where we are creating a Virtual reality museum that houses interactive retopologized 3d scans of artifacts from their collection. Additionally we are crowd printing a statue of president ben harrison. I have videos that can demonstrate this idea much better than I can explain it in text. 


I recently decided to move back up to Michigan for work and for my Fiance (soon to be fiance I should say... the ring is on order and should be done in a week or two). At press time I am a sharepoint developer however my main skillset is in the area of Digital content creation and manipulation as well as web design and development. If you ever have any questions on these subjects I would be honored to try to answer them. I can't say I will be around all the time but there is a strong likelihood I will be by more often due to the fact that I am on steam nightly to develop in unreal and steamvr so if I am around please feel free to get ahold of me however you please.


As a final aside I at one point or another rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, this includes people here as well as people I used to work with and currently work with (I work with my old employer up here), and to that I want to offer my sincere apologies, I am not the man I am supposed to be yet but I am not the man I was, only time will prove that to any of you and any attempt at convincing any one of that is nothing more than sophistry, but with that said a lot has changed with my personal character and I have been told that it is a night and day difference. I don't expect your clemency, but if it is afforded me, I don't think it would be wasted.  


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Welcome back, glad to hear life has been treating you well. Hope to see you around in Discord sometime!



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Welcome back, and yes a lot has changed, join in on voice and text  in Discord  :thumbsup:


GSN - Still a great community.



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Oh hai der :P

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