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So you clicked on this topic? Was it curiousity and a mix of wanting to meet some new people online? You came to the right post! Now that we're both here for the same reason I'll tell you abit about myself.


*insert wall of text here* or not? Well grab some popcorn while we're at it then.


personal info

I'll start with the basics like a normal introduction. I'm Noxy and 25 years old, I live in Belgium and I love spicy food. Overall I'm really laid back and easy going, I tend to joke alot and once i start it is hard for me to stop. Laughing just feels great in general and makes me happy for that brief moment. I've had my ups and down and currently going through abit of a down period again. Searching what my purpose is here on this globe.



Started off gaming when I was 6 years old. Parents made a mistake good choice getting me that Nintendo early on. By the time I was older I bought my first gaming pc around the time XP was quite new. And what to we do with a nice gaming pc? Play Runescape ofcourse!

Because your friends are all into it. Later on I got into WoW which I played quite a long time. From TBC untill Legion with a few breaks and skipping Warlords. I used to be good at shooters, now I play them less competitively and more for the fun of it. Lately I'm trying to find a new game to indulge myself into. Any recommendations?


Speaking of friends, I've had my quite share of people I had to cut off and lost as from moving to Berlin but I'm back now in Belgium. The waffles are still as great and the chocolate as delicious as ever yet I do miss Berlin and might book some trips there in the future.


To round it up, I am currently playing Overwatch, Diablo 3 and on the look out for some fun games that pop up now and then to play.


Oh ye I almost forgot... in my other spare time I love doing some photoshop, reading up on the latest design stuff while having a coffee close at hand. Any designers/artists out there?


Thanks for reading!


*rolls off into the horizon*



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Welcome Noxy! hope to see you gaming with some of us in the discord soon!


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welcome noxy! Looking forward to getting to play some games with ya.


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welcome to the forums, fellow euro



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Hey there! Welcome to the forums and glad I saw you in Discord as well! Hope to play some Overwatch with you soon. :) 

For other games, if you like shooters, I'd recommend: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Rainbow Six: Siege, H1Z1, Titanfall2, Ghost Recon: Wildlands(with friends). 

Hope you enjoy your time with us :3 



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Welcome to the forums!



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Great intro welcome to the forums :)


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Welcome, Noxy!



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