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anybody do any 24/7 FOLDING?  what do your power bills look like?  Do you go with evga@folding so you can get evga bucks?  what do you look for in a folding rig?  thinking of just buying a bunch of cheap older gen parts off of ebay that are power efficient and running it under wifi and stuffing it in a closet somewhere.  something thats cheap to fix if something goes out (i.e. processor) which im betting is bound to happen if im gonna run it pegged 24/7/365.


thanks in advance!



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It's been quite a few years since I have used anything to fold. I think I was a moderator (EggExpert) of NewEgg's forums at the time, and I folded for their team. (I just went back and checked their archives, this would be in 2007..... Talk about a blast from the past). Back then I just used the GPU client and a CPU client for each core (with HT as well) when I wasn't using my primary PC. I've always had large power supplies (I never want power to be the reason that I can't upgrade), which did make my electric bill more, but it was for a good cause and I could afford it at the time.



(I'm MMaguire)


Things are bound to have changed by now (as to which is more efficient and how much power it takes). I'd be interested to see/hear your results, though. That's like a past life of mine or something. :)


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is this similar to bitcoin mining???


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Its been a while since I did any major folding. I fold for the Overclock.net team. OCN is ranked #4 and I am ranked #131 on the OCN team. Lots of contests for free stuff like GPU's, cases, power supplies, and other computer goodies. The Folding scene has faded a bit recently, but I do plan on returning to it once I get moved and do a hardware upgrade.


Here is my EOC Profile. http://folding.extre...php?s=&u=496880

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