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[GSN] Conan: Exiles Server Info

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[GSN] Conan: Exiles Server Info




IP Address: gsnconan.game.nfoservers.com /

Port: 7777


If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns please be sure to post them in the Conan: Exiles subforum found here: http://gsngaming.com...8-conan-exiles/


*Server Rules:

**This is an alpha game. Therefore if updates/bugs/glitches result in loss of inventory/player/clan owned items occurs due to the game itself, it is a risk you take starting on the server**


Don't Be a Dick - This is a blanket rule across all of GSN Gaming. This is a public server, so there will always be trolls. When you see something that isn't up to par with the way we like to run our community and our servers, please either contact a Core member or use the Report a Player section found here: http://gsngaming.com...eport-a-player/


No Racism/Sexism/Discrimination- If this rule needs to be referenced to you while on our servers, consider yourself gone. Period.


Base Raiding- Under the current settings/rule set, base raiding of any kind is not allowed. Going into someone's base and stealing from them or leading wild monsters/NPCs into other people's bases will result in automatic exit from the server.


Respect Boundaries- Utilize the Clan system and team up with folks you are comfortable playing with. With that in mind, realize that not everyone wants to be in a clan and may not want to share their hard earned work with you. That's their prerogative.


There is currently a claimed area radius(which is editable if we run into issues) but please refrain from building on top of each other. This is a large map for a 20 slot server so spread out. If you think it's possible that you are building too close to someone just shoot them a message in discord and reach out to ask. We won't bite, I promise. If the issue can't be resolved it will be left to the server admins to sort it out for the parties involved.


Comp Requests- Much like with other survival crafting alphas we have hosted in the past, we will be sticking with a strict, no comp policy.


If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out to me and the other admins(haven't been assigned yet).


Map Details:




*Server Settings:

  • PvE Only(No player owned structures demolishable)

  • Resource Gathering 2X

  • Bodies disappear when logged off


*All server settings are up for debate. This game and this server are brand new to most and are going to come with some growing pains and things to figure out. If you have an idea or a concern, let us know or post a topic to start the discussion.

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