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GSN Gaming is a PC Gaming Community. It was built around the ideology that this place would be a home for mature, laid back and like-minded gamers who wanted to forget the world, leave their problems at the door and just play video games. That premise still holds very true to this day, and we as a community stand by that with confidence.

As the community has grown and evolved, GSN has taken on new hobbies that include video games. Twitch has become a HUGE part of the lives for many of our members. Whether you are a streamer or a viewer, it is no doubt that Twitch is in the hearts of many.


GSN has many members that stream on Twitch. From rank Basic to Founder, we have a good amount of members who stream. Naturally, as those members channels grow and gain exposure, the number of viewers those channels are going to increase. The subject of GSN is going to come up sooner or later, and viewers looking for gamers to play with are going to show interest in the community, some of which are going to make the jump and see what GSN is all about. There are pros and cons to this.

The point we want to reiterate to our current members and guests is that GSN Gaming is a separate entity from Twitch. GSN Gaming is NOT a streaming community, nor is it a group of people that consist of a Twitch streaming team. Every member who streams on Twitch, does so away from GSN and on their own terms. We cannot urge the importance of this enough. Yes, GSN has many members that stream and spend a lot of time on Twitch, both viewing and streaming. But, for them Twitch is a hobby on the side.


With that said, there are a couple of things to understand. Your involvement with a members Twitch channel, whether it be watch time, gifts, donations or moderator status - does not hold any weight when it comes to consideration of your membership with GSN, should you choose to inquire regarding official membership. (For details on GSN’s membership policy, please click here). In order to become an GSN member, you must be invited. Other requirements include being a member of our forums and Discord, being active in those fields and most importantly playing video games with us and hanging out. Time spent in a GSN members Twitch chat or DIscord server does not fall under this category. To be more blunt, brown nosing GSN staff who stream on Twitch will only hurt your chances. If you’re confident that GSN can be your home, then play it cool, be yourself and just hop in our Discord and play some video games with us. That is all we ask.


So, when considering whether or not you’d like to inquire about GSN membership, please keep these things in mind. We want our members to be here, because they want to game with us and hang out. If Twitch is your primary focus, we may not be the best fit for you. GSN Gaming is a PC Gaming community, not a streaming community.


In addition to these terms, please note that we do not let any non-members share any social media in regards to their personal content platforms, whether it be Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube or any other website used to promote content. This is considered spam and advertising, and any links posted to the text channels of the GSN Gaming Discord will be removed and you will be issued a warning. Live notifications issued by our members and bot for Twitch are restricted to GSN members only.


If you have any questions about anything stated here, please feel free to contact our primary recruitment officer Thunder or our HR representatives Naaackers or CapN.

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