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Ark Buy or dont buy?

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So, now that ark is on sale, im really considering buying it, but i need your guys opion, is it a good enough game to buy? Please help me out.



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I don't think anyone can tell you if Ark is right for you, I can say I have 1780+ hours and still lovin every minute of it!

Ark is mostly what you make of it, it can suck or get boring, or you may just have the time of your life. It depends on how you look at the game.


It does take a pretty good system to run it, and it can be laggy / glitchy, but a little patience goes a long way.


Best I could tell you is watch some YouTube vid's to see if it looks good to you.



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Yes get it!  If you like that style of game go for it. Watch the video's on steam and youtube to get some idea about the game.

It's a survival game with a lot of gathering and building. I love it and have 2400+ hours on it. Have been playing  since GSN set up a server. The game gets to be habit forming. We now have two servers linked together and if you also get the Scorched Earth DLC you can travel between each server which is really cool.  If you have any questions about the game join in with us in Discord, I'll be glad to answer all your questions.


P.S. Like Finger mentioned above the graphics are really good but are also very demanding.



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I tell anyone considering this game to ask themselves whether or not they want a game that demands time. There are game modes that don't require time like Survival of the Fittest(a king of the hill style match game DLC) but to play this game on the GSN Gaming server requires time. Most of our long-timers have 1000s+ of hours of play through many iterations. 


I personally have been playing over a year with GSNGaming servers(and have since taken over the server management side of things). It's a frustrating game when you are brand new but if you were to play on our servers, there are tons of people there that have absolutely no issue helping you get the jist of the game and get on your feet. If it weren't for the players we have on our servers I would have quit a couple hundred hours ago lol 


I originally bought the base game for like 17 bucks and then spent 20 on the Scorched earth DLC and i have spent almost 1000 hours playing it. It's worth more than any AAA game I have bought minus maybe MW3 lol


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Well, I recommend it considering everything that Salty just said.


And, if you do buy it im sure all of us will be willing to help you out in the early stages of the game.


If you end up spending as much time as we have then its definitely going to be worth the price. 

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