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league of legends EUW

league of legends euw

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Hei I'm looking for some people to play league of legends with on EUW.

About me:

I'm 21.
I'm onranked. (Don't like solo queue).
Just call me Groken (it's pronounce just like "Broken" just with a "G" instead of a "B".

Ign: Groken

I have Skype, Discord, teamspeak, mumble (could set up a simple host server).



You play on EUW.
You don't mind being in a voice chat. (Speaking English)
No elo requirements.
You don't mind me recording the games and using the footage to public use.
Age requirements: I have told you my age if you then feel like it could work for you then come.

The most impotent requirement: You want to have fun. XD






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Hey Groken, I am also a league addict, but I play NA server. Unfortunately I don't know of anyone on the forums who plays EUW League of Legends (theres very few LoL players here to begin with). Best wishes to you in finding players, just wanted to give you a heads up!

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