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Upcoming Absence

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Hey Ark-ians,


Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that I will be tearing down my computer sometime either Wednesday or Thursday in order to pack everything away for the GSN LAN party next weekend. 


I will still be reachable for helping out and such but I may not be as reactive to updates/restarts/etc as I usually am so bare with me if I can't just jump right on and get stuff fixed. The main days I will be all but vanished will be Friday and Sunday(4th/6th) as I will be driving like 10 hours those days and therefore won't be able to do anything unless it's on mobile while stopping for gas.


I am sure Coyote will take good care of everyone while I am gone and I will still have my entire rig with me while I am there so if there's something major I will be able to access everything I would need.


Hope everyone has a great weekend and can't wait to pack up and haul ass up the road!






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