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War Thunder huge discounts

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Hello fellow Pilots/Tankers/(Captains soon)


I would like to make you all aware of the pretty substantial discounts going on over at the Gaijin store.
At this moment, a lot of the existing bundles are 50% off.
The bundles often include vehicles, premium account time and golden eagles or a combination of the items mentioned.


Here is the link to the discounted bundles:

Now, in and of itself this is not that interesting. But keeping in mind that they are also celebrating their 4 year anniversary, this can be very beneficial. 
Do you have an eye on a vehicle that you can only buy with Golden Eagles through the in-game store? (Which is normally more expensive than a bundle when you calculate Golden Eagles/IRL money ratio)
Well, wait no more! The combination of these 50% bundles giving you a nice amount of GE, the anniversary will slap one nation each day with the 50% discount stick as well.

Here is the link to the page explaining this more in detail:


If you are annoyed with the grinding and if you are not afraid to spend a bit of money, this is a very good time to do so. The combination of these events can save you a lot. But remember, you will save even more when you don't buy anything! I'm not advocating buying this, just reminding you of the event.

I personally don't like Gaijin's way of publishing War Thunder, and I dislike their GUlag-like policies, but I love their game. I want to support the developers that have made this game, and I am hoping for a change in their way of connecting to the community.

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