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I'm new here but I saw a poll for new mods posted a few months ago and the Dragons mod passed 11 to 1 but we don't have them in game. Any chance they may still be coming or did you guys try them and hate them?


I've only been playing on your server for a few days but my friends and I are really enjoying it. We are planning to make it our new home as long as people are still playing here.


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People are always playing Ark if you pop into our discord we have a ark channel you will see people playing it there. I hope I helped! 



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When it comes to the dragons some of uss loved them loads and some hated there guts after they killed off a cupple of there dinos like there favorate Quetz and so forth. But im about to make a topic about mods some simple once and ill bring the dragons in on that and se what people think. Majority will in the end rule ofc like always.



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Searelia Posted a poll topic including this mod in the poll. It can be found here: https://gsngaming.co...3164-more-mods/


I put my opinion on the modded dragons in that topic before I saw this one.

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