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R6S infinite loading screen after I leave multiplayer match

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So I've only played this game for 3 days, but each time I leave a multiplayer match, my game enters the loading screen as if it will return to the menu, but it never does.  Is there a patch or fix for this?  I have to manually close the game since it never returns to the menu.





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This seems to be a very common issue. Lots of posts around the web about it. First thing I would try is a clean install of the game. 



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I only get it when I leave from the stats page where you see the scoreboard and how much renown you get. If you wait for it to start searching for the next game and then leave it won't get stuck.



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Hi there!
I know it's been 1 month+, but I'm a little triggered by that issue being still present right now. 
(You should try Naaackers' idea, verify game files in your Uplay.)

Did you get stuck backing OUT of the game(Laus' situation) or did it happen in-between rounds, after you chose your operators and proceed to loading forever? If it's in a loading-in screen, can you hear the in-game audio? 
- If not, wait or ALT+F4.
- If you hear the audio and you REALLY don't wanna lose, the only way is to wait - you should hear the audio bark whenever someone leaves the game, when the other side is empty you'll win the match automatically.

My concern:
It's a pain-in-the-butt issue. Very hard to repro, happens in various environments and situations -- and when we have it we're on a build without logs. I'll try to track it back at work, and since it happened to you on Season 3, I'll go try to trigger it on the previous Master Candidate. :(
How you could help:
In the meantime can you boot your game and once in the main menu, press F10(Settings), and turn the 'Display Game Info' ON.
Can you confirm that you see the version you are on (bottom left), right now for S4 it's  v:10211195
If it happens again, let me know, I've been wanting to find the repro steps for months. 

Fingers crossed!
You can reach me at work by e-mail if you get any info for me: josee.malouin@ubisoft.com

JozĂ©e  :ph34r: 


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