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Empyrion Galactic Survival > No Mans Sky

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Having put in about 40 hours into No Mans Sky so far I am rather enjoying the game and I like the style and feel of it. I haven't been having any of the problems other people are reporting and I know there is a lot of bashing going on for this game online about it being over hyped, but since I hand't really heard anything about it or expected anything I wasn't really disappointed with what I got.

However there is a lot its left me wanting in terms of building and end goals, and multiplayer would also be nice option.  Its a lot of grind, as it a lot of games but besides saving up for a new ship and exploring more planets there isn't a lot.

I was on steam yesterday and stumbled across Empyrion Galactic Survival for $21.00 ( 1/3rd the cost of No Mans Sky)

So far it has a lot of the same style and gameplay, you need to gather resources and construct equipment to get you off the planet you are stranded on. the world is randomly generated, there is wildlife and you can create crafts from scratch and leave and explore.  I've only just begun to play it but its the perfect mix of a Minecraft and No Mans Sky. 

I think its worth a look if you're into that sort of thing but want more from what No Mans Sky has to offer as I feel I will bore of that game before too long. 


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I've logged over 58hrs on Empyrion, and while the interface is a little tough to get used to, I do feel that it has some serious potential for longevity, as long as the debts continue making improvements throughout Early Access. A good multiplayer server makes this game really fun, and adds another degree of difficultly, as the universe around becomes more hostile. I'm excited for what the possibilities are, and have my fingers crossed for involved, and active developers. 

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