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AMA: Jhordan (Jordan)

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Ask Me Anything Week 39

Please leave any questions you have for our candidate in the replies to this post. Let's try to keep the posts limited to strictly questions and on topic. Feel free to put multiple questions on one post though, just don't go too crazy. Give other people a chance too.        :)
At the end of this week, this topic will be locked, and we will let them answer all the questions that you have asked. If you have any questions about this process, or ideas on how it can be improved, or if you'd like to be an AMA member, please send me a PM on the fourms.
========================This weeks candidate=======================
Profile Name: @Jhordan
Real Name: Jordan
 Hey guys just me little ye old Jhordan here. I guess I wanna see what you guys would like to know more about me and my little old life. I'm just a silly guy who loves games and hanging out with my friends. So go ahead ask away I will answer anything you ask no matter what the question is... :D






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What is your favorite kind of candy?

What futuristic technology or fantasy technology would you love to see in your lifetime? 


Have you ever pooped and wiped your ass with a giant leaf or lily pad? 


Have you ever shit directly into water that wasn't a toilet?


Have you ever farted into your hand and threw it in someones face? Who was it?


Before you joined GSN, what was the game that you played the most? 



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Whats your dream job? 


What genre of music is generally your favorite?


Do you see yourself living where you are now in 10 years? If not where?


If you had to evacuate your home RIGHT NOW, what do you quickly grab to bring with you?


Play any instruments?



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What is your biggest fear?

What is your favorite pizza toppings?

What is your zombie apocalypse weapon of choice?

Have you ever bought anything air Jordan/Nike and added an H to it?

Why haven't you?

Why is nackers so infatuated with poop?



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How did you meet Dustles?


What was your first impression of me?

Do you like me?

Do you want to go out for coffee?


Do you want to go out for "coffee"?


Will you marry me?



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Locking up thread so @Jhordan can answer the questions above.

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