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War Thunder Sh... Boats.

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Hey everyone,

I was wondering, for those in the community who play War Thunder,
how excited are you for the naval branch of vehicles in the game?
Since a few days, information has been popping up regarding their stance on the subject, and now that Gamescom is happening, video footage has also been shown along with some commentary.
I will include some useful links below so you don't have to use google or some weird contraption.

So, my opinion is quite mild. When I first heard they were going to focus on smaller size attack craft I was sad, because boy do I love big ships in general. But as I read the information and watched some videos of PhlyDaily, (one of my main sources of WT entertainment) I kinda got the point.

I'm still unsure and I'm going to have to wait until the beta start to form a proper opinion, but I'm curious what you guys are thinking at the moment. Looking forward to your replies!

Link to official post:


Links to PhlyDaily's videos about the topic:



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I've been away from War Thunder for so long .... might need to revisit it.


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To be honest I'm unsure of how i feel about only having smaller boats IF that's all that ever happens.  However, having said that, I hoped against hope during the dark hours when everyone was saying we'd never see ships and we're a lot closer to having ships than we've ever been before!  Fingers Crossed! :D

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