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No Man's Sky

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With all of the bad press and reviews on this game, I decided to try it out for myself, after talking with Cola and several other GSN member who were running it. The game loaded and work fine for me. You set up the FPS in the options menu, default is 30.  I set mine to 90 and it runs great, will try to up that setting  some today. There is a learning curve with the game and the best answer is to join in with us on Discord and ask questions. I'm a newbie and still trying to learn the commands and how things work.



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I definitely think a game like this is right up your alley. I'm pumped that you are enjoying it!

After I changed some video settings around, it ran okay - but I was getting a big stutter every few minutes, and it was way too distracting. 



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I love the game and although I have been focusing solely on grinding rare metals to get my money up for a new ship, I haven't experienced the issues a lot of people have  had. Runs smooth and no glitches so far. It's not going to take me entirely away from the Ark server just yet but it's perfect to jump on and do stuff in between projects in Ark lol



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I was a bit nervous with the bad response this game had coming out of the gates, but now that I've got some time in the game there is a lot of good about it. started to figure it out. I haven't had any of the issues that other people have been complaining about either.  I'm also not running everything on high but it doesn't bother me, 

This game has some great landscapes/spacescapes hopefully they continue to build on the platform and ad more to keep the game playable for a long time. 

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