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Colevanman's Ban appeal.

ban dispute

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What server were you banned from? : ARMA- Altis 2
Who banned you?: Olio
Why were you banned?: Mass VDM
When were you banned?: At the begining of the month of May i think.
What is your in-game name?: Colevanman  

Dear fellow Staff and players that are reading this ban appeal. I am so dearly sorry for what i have done i have always had a great time on this server and i got banned and i was so sad i almost refuned arma until my friend told me i could get unbanned by making a appeal. I had the vip stuff like dept card etc. My friends have started to play more so i want to come back and i promise i will never VDM nor RDM at all on ARMA. I remeber when i was a diver and had a submarine and was finding loot but what i have heard that the updates have increased and have improved alot. Thats why i am making this appeal. And i do care about being unbanned because if i didn't i  wouldn't be making this appel. So please forgive me i killed 3 people during this mass vdm.If you don't unban me i completely understand i just would like to com back and play again.



If you need to contact or ask me questions here is my steam profile: http://steamcommunit...61198098983351/


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Thanks for putting in a ban dispute. The admin that banned you will reply here shortly. Please be patient. Until the admin responds, do NOT:
  • Poke admins on Teamspeak to get unbanned.
  • Private message admins on the forums to get unbanned.
  • Post multiple ban disputes on the forums.
  • Whine about your ban in the shoutbox.
Failure to follow direction will result in a permanent website and game server ban. If your not sure why you are banned, look for your name in the ban reports.
(This was an automated message.)


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Since november last year we are not running an Altis Life server anymore ...

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