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Fog Removal Mod is finally released, my thoughts and ideas for it.

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If anybody has seen me or many others complain about the fog in the old server, you would know that many of us have a huge dislike for the weather system that literally does nothing but impair vision. Me and a few people have talked about removing the fog if it ever became possible, but we never found out ways to stop it. Now, someone has released a mod where you can stop all fog from occurring. I just wanted to bring this newsflash up to see what other people's thoughts on it were, and if they wanted to implement it into the new Valhalla server. I could not get the link, but if you want to test it you can find it on the workshop.

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This was mentioned in this topic: https://gsngaming.co...kideasopinions/


and tomorrow I will be posting a poll with a couple other mods that were posted  in that topic for everyone to vote on. The poll will allow you to vote for any and all of the mods listed(the only ones that won't be voted on were ones that either are not going to be updated anymore or would drastically change the game).


The mods that are unanimously voted on will be added after a short downtime for testing that will likely be a weekday morning that I can get a few people into the server just to test and make sure none of them break the server.


So keep an eye on the discord and the forums for the post to be made and make sure to vote! Likely the fogGTFO mod will be added along with the refrigerated feed troughs mod that we have talked a lot about but there will also be a few building mods included in the poll.

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