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Ark known bug

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A bug has appeared up from the latest update to the Valhalla map.


If you go to the iceberg islands and you access your inventory that has a large number of items or if you check your inventory to many times this error may appear:

Ark Crash.PNG

So this is a notice to be careful when traveling down there for supplies.


Note: There seems to be only one other case of this happening on another server: Link here

On our server I have known of 3 people, including myself that have had the same bug/crash.






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Called it. :D



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Just had this error, at my base with only 150 oil in my inventory... :huh:



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I still haven't had this happen to me, I'm going to try and do some research on the Ark Forums and see if anyone has a fix to this. This all started when they updated to 239.0 right?

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