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Blog Post #11 - This Week in GSN (4/25)

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Good Monday to you awesome folk! I hope today is treating you well so far. So, this might not stick - but I'm going to attempt to write up a small post each week or every other week, covering some things that may have just happened or are about to happen. Kind of a one stop shop for you guys to keep up with whats going on here at GSN. 

  • GSN Merch Fundraiser - We are only a few dollars away from hitting our goal! We are currently aiming to raise $150 to pay an artist to create some designs that we can put on future merch. We have a merch store launching very soon. Keep an eye out for it. 
  • St. Jude Charity Month - We are inching closer to the kickoff of the St. Jude Play Live charity event. Many of GSN's streamers will be raising money all month long. The schedule for the GSN Streaming Marathon in early May will also be posted next week!
  • GSN Member of the Month - @Koda is looking for some brainstorming volunteers to help get an idea off the ground. We are looking for a way to get to know our fellow members better and give them a little spotlight! If you have any ideas for her, let her know!
  • Community Event Rotation Poll - Pretty soon, GSN will have weekly events scheduled in a rotation. Want to make sure you favorite game gets into that rotation? Go vote for it!
  • Awesome Amazing Paronity Giveaway - @Paronity is doing an AMAZING giveaway and raising money for two great causes at the same time. He has 117 keys to give away as they are burning a hole in his steam library. If you want a chance to win some games and support a pair of great causes at the same time, check out the thread linked. 
  • Avidtigerians Discord Was HACKED - One of our members had his Discord account taken away from him in the darkness of the night. Maybe now is a good time to change your password? OH, And use a password manager!
  • Don't Want Windows 10? - Are you getting annoyed with Windows 7 or 8 constantly bugging you to update to 10? Are you afraid that one day you'll wake up and be upgraded without consent? This article can help you. 


Well, that about sums up GSN this week. We will be having a Battlefield Bad Company 2 event this Sunday at 4pm EST, so if you haven't played in a while - now would be the time. 

Have a great week!

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