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Performance boost for ARK

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Was browsing the ARK forums and happened to find this thread that explained how to get much better performance out of ARK. The thread also contains common issues with ARK in general (crashes, etc), so if you are having problems as of late then it may help you.


Original thread here

Steam thread  here


Below is the list of commands that has helped me the most, went from having 45 - 55 frames to 60 -70 frames.


Steam 1.PNG

Note: To find out what all the commands mean and for more instructions to improve performance go to the steam thread listed above.


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Thnxs man, the amount of more fps is amazing lol


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Hopefully this can make it so I can actually attempt to play sometime lol, been meaning to play a bit but have needed a little bit of help in the graphics department to get the little extra edge. Thank yah!

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