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Hardware changes and Ark Server Migration

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Hey everyone just wanted to write up a quick post letting everyone know that GSN will be going away from having our own dedicated box and moving Ark to a different host for the time being.

We are doing this for the simple fact that we are spending a ton of money hosting an Ark server along with a bunch of deactivated event servers and it really isn’t worth all the money that our glorious donors have given us. We would much rather use that money to help with giveaways, special events, and other more amazing things.

There will be more information including dates for the Ark server migration coming so keep an eye out and thanks again for helping us pay for this hardware for as long as you have!





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I think this is a great move until if and when we find a new game that provide us with a surplus of players and community support. No reason to throw all that precious money down the drain. Really, nothing is changing except location of the Ark server. Oh and our server bills are cut in half LOL. 

Monthly donation goals should be much easier to hit now! 

Thanks for all the love GSN. 

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