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DXRacer King Series Review

dxracer king series chair gamingchair stool footstool review pcgamingchair

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DXRacer King Series Review


So let's start this review off by saying this is my second DXRacer chair and review. This time I will be reviewing my new King Series chair and matching footstool. Link to my first review can be found below. 





King Series:

Model - OH/KS06/NR

Price - $678 CDN

* 90°4D Adjustable Armrest

* Multi-functional Tilt/Rocking Mechanism

* 135° Reclining Angle

* Aluminum Base

* 3" inch Casters

* 1 Lumbar Pillow

* 1 Neck Pillow

* Weight Capacity of 400 lbs

* For People with Height from Approximately 5′ 6″ – 6′ 3″




Model - FR/FX08/NR

Price - $169 CDN

* Raise and Lower

* Multi-Directional Ergonomic Design

* Weight Capacity 265 lbs


(The price stated Above was with Taxes included or the price of the shipping on the stool)





With my last chair being a Formula Series I was a bit to big for it, also I like to sit on one foot sometimes. The F model was a great chair and still feels as if it's brand new out of the box, that being said I went ahead with this purchase. The DXRacer King Series which is larger in size and has a higher weight capacity. The foam feels firmer, the gas lift is stiffer .

The Formula Series has your typical armrest that only go up and down, while the King Series has the 4D adjustable armrest. Meaning they can slide left and right, Forward and backward while being able to also rotate 90°.

The tilt mechanism is also completely different. On the Formula Series you have your conventional tilt that rocks and locks either in the sitting position or the leaned back position. With the King Series you have the multi-functional mechanism that does that same as the convention but you able to lock it in any position.

The recline feature is my favorite part and one of the main reason I got my first DXRacer. With my old Formula Series chair it had a recline of 170°, but with my new chair I notice a HUGE difference the recline wasn't as far back. So I called customer support and was told for safety reasons the recline angle was changed to 135°.There was no notice on their site of the change just switched it in the description. That made me unhappy, cause I never read the description when I bought my chair seeing I already owned one. I assumed that the features were the same, just the chair itself was larger and meant for larger people.

The stool is comfortable and rotates, is height adjustable and super comfortable to sit on or rest my legs. It will be used as a spare seat when company is over.

I have found since using the first chair that my back pain is less, but its even more so since the upgrade. The Formula chair was tight on the shoulders and would cause the odd ache but with the new chair I have more then enough space and those aches are gone. I use the lumbar pillow and neck during game time but when its time to watch a movie or a tv show I remove the lumbar and recline. With the neck pillow and footstool I find its a lot easier to pass out during movies.


Click Here for First Review 


Side by side comparison                                                                                 Recline in Difference 




Experience with Customer Support:

So I called customer support, the lady over the phone was rude and never gave a rats ass. I even made it clear I was debating on returning my chair for that fact alone(recline change), all she said it will be a 20% restocking fee seeing I already assembled the chair.

I stated was that anyone who already owns a chair or gets one cause a friend recommended it may not read the description as I didn’t cause they already know what features the chair should have. Did she care NO, she just was well is there anything else, I replied no she hung up not even goodbye was said.

So I sent a message on Facebook asking how much to replace the old tilt mechanism in the old chair, not expecting a reply just looking to replace a part. I got a reply and was told it was under warranty and one would be shipped out. I decide to take this time to start expressing my feelings about how I was a little upset with the chair and especially how their customer support treated me after just giving that company just under $700 CDN.

They replied within a few hours, and this time my experience was completely different. This time around they wanted to hear my concerns, apologized for how I was previously treated. Then when I explained why I was complaining about my chair and said they were going to pass it forward to management.

Once the air was clear I started asking questions in regards to products and sales on the footstools, that’s when I was informed that they don’t go on sale. I was sad and explained I can't justify the shipping after just purchasing the chair. I got lucky cause the new part was being sent they talked to the manager and got me free shipping, if I decided to purchase the stool which I did. I just had to wait for the replacement mechanism to come in stock and they would be shipped together. Took a week they arrived to my door, stool and mechanism packed in one big box with extra filler for protection.


Overall Experience:

I had a bad experience with customer service which was rectified and turned into a pleasant one. I ended up making another purchase and got the footstool due to the respect and treatment I received the second time around. I would definitely recommend the chair to any friend or anyone suffering from back pains.











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Nice review/write up. Glad it's working out for you!


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To be fair, judging from the pictures at full recline, Tilting all the way back on that narrow wheel base looks like a great way to tip over backwards and bust your ass lol!



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To be fair, judging from the pictures at full recline, Tilting all the way back on that narrow wheel base looks like a great way to tip over backwards and bust your ass lol!

Trust me they are strong I have only fell over when wife was in chair with me.

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Soooo... You looking to part ways with the formula chair?



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Soooo... You looking to part ways with the formula chair?

Already sold

Little Biggie smalls

Little Biggie smalls
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How small was the formula chair you devils? Could ya still get by if you're like a slim 6'0? I was looking at some of the chair guides online but it's still hard to tell. 

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