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Waco Kid's rig

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The Waco Kid

The Waco Kid
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  • The Waco Kid

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So it's pretty janky right now, but I've been saving and piecing it together for a while. The next purchase I make will definitely be a new case, lol. I was just barely able to fit the GPU in there, and I can't put the side panel on because the power connectors protrude too far out of the side, hahaha.




Here's the hardware I got...


MoBo - ASRock Z170M Pro4s

Storage - 120Gb Corsair Force LS + 1Tb WD Blue

Ram - 8Gb DDR4 HyperX Fury @ 2666MHz

CPU - Core i3 6100 @ 3.7GHz

GPU - Diamond Radeon R9 380 4Gb



It was definitely a budget build, but I made sure I had enough wiggle room to go ham later on down the line if I needed to. Let me know what y'all think!


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Budget builds always make me wonder, I am curious as to what's the beefiest game you can run smoothly on it? What's the first part you look forward to upgrading? other than the cable management 0_- (I'm kind of a stickler lol) great build!

The Waco Kid

The Waco Kid
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  • The Waco Kid

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I don't own any real beefy games ATM, but I installed my copy of Bioshock Infinite and it runs on ultra settings at 60 fps no problem.



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Looks good and as long as it gets the job done, that's all that matters. :)



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As long as it works, janky is good!


Edit: Dammit P-man lol

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