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Minecraft Server Maintenance

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Hey guys and gals, just wanted to let you guys know that @Gurthyy and myself are doing some maintenance tonight (3/18/16) to try to fix our lag issues that keep rearing their ugly heads. 
We also will be trying to put cauldron or spigot on the server so we can use plugins to prevent trolling griefing and the such.
Just wanted to give a heads up that the server will likely be down for a bit. i will post here again when the server is back up. Keep in mind that it might show as online while we are testing things, however the server is whitelisted, so you will not be able to connect.
Server down at: 9:23PM PST 3/18/2016
Server Live: 11:21AM PST 3/19/2016



Message from Gurthyy:


Server has been updated to version 2.4.2 of Infinity and Cauldron has been installed. We're looking into which plugins we will be adding, but have added some basic ones for now.


With the addition of Cauldron, we are now able to run more server-side admin plugins than before. With this, we've had to leave ForgeEssentials, as it is not compatable with Cauldron. That being said - your PWarps are no longer registered. We have the original home files, and can work with you to get you teleported around to re-set your homes. The current home limit is 5 per person (not including your bed). This is subject to change, but @Kherune and I have some great plans for the server, as this maintenance opened up some great things. If you are in need of help getting your homes back, please just reach out to either of us and we'll get you good to go.

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