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This guy is stupid

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What game? (CoD, BF3, Ect..): Its call the Forums
What server were you on?: The website you're on right now
What time/date is the report for?: It is currently 3:12 AM PST Monday and this happened at 11:22 PM PST Sunday
What is the players name that you are reporting?: Jewychew

This guys is the definition of spam. There have already been several reports on this guy, I'm just fueling the fire. Here's his forum link: Jewychew .


Just do what you do and make sure he don't show up here again. He was trying to convince me to go to this website that is said to make my YT channel get more views. But yet, I have not even mentioned anywhere that I even have one. I do, but I have not told anyone because there hasn't been anything done for me to says so. Here is what he said exactly.



Sent Yesterday, 11:22 PM

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Hey. I saw a few YouTube discussions on here. Maybe this will interest you.

So I know how tough it is getting more attention to your videos.

Here is a site that I personally use to promote my YT videos: http://sharree.com

I get anywhere from 40-200 extra views using that site, it's a good start.

Hope I was helpful :D





There wasn't anyone at the time for me to ask where do I report this kind of stuff, so I improvised. Please don't take offense or out of context. As in I meant to put this here to piss people off. Thank you.

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his e-mail adress is a listed spam adress


he is banned



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Looks like this guy has already been banned. Yeah, he sent me the same PM. Not the brightest light bulb on the Christmas tree.

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