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Work Laptop

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So more and more I am starting to need a personal laptop that i can work on and I have no clue what to get...


I plan on using it for programming and also to run Linux on a Virtual Machine. So i know i will need at least 8gb of ram and probably a i5 or higher (idk how well a i3 or pentium will do with a VM)


I am hoping to stay between under 800$ but i am open to suggestions. I also dont care if its an apple or windows computer and tbh i would probably prefer an apple because they have better software for some things i plan on doing but i dont know if i can get one for the price i need.


If you have any suggestions please tell me and thank you for your help



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The cheapest Macbook is the 11 inch Air, and that starts at $900 and only has 4gb of RAM.


I'm really not a laptop person, so I can't really give a recommendation otherwise.


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I use an Aspire E5-573G for school work and virtual machines for linux.


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If you really want a macbook maybe you could check out refurbished ones?

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