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Add a Discord Link to Twitchie

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So we all know and love Twitchie. And we all know and love Discord. Sadly Twitchie did not have a way to integrate a discord link into it so your viewers can join your stream's discord channel. Well that was until now, because the other day I sat down and modified the Twitchie code to have a discord link and also made the discord logo a font so it can be clickable.


Normally this is the part where I would write out how to do this but since I already made a lengthy blog post detailing step by step how to accomplish the same results I did, I will just link you to that post because I do not feel like writing all that again. So you can find that post here.


You should be able to do this relatively easily because @BadBadRobot made Twitchie very customizable (which is one of the many reasons I love it) but if you need any help feel free to pm me or leave a comment here or in my blog and I will do my best to help you :).


So again you can find the full guide at: http://blog.thespace...ink-to-twitchie


And if you want to see what the final product will look like with the Twitchie link head over to my page at: http://twitchie.thespacecoder.com/


Hope you find this useful,


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