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Personal Warps

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Hey all - 


In confirming some of the configs on the server, it was determined that the limit on Personal Warps that was on the server had been removed. I believe this happened during the changeover to the new world, when some other perms got a little screwy.


That being said, the limit on Personal warps has been reinstated. The limit is 10. If you currently have more than 10, you will not be able to create any new personal warps until you have removed enough warps to have available space. This includes resetting existing warps.


To see your current list of personal warps, type /pw in chat, and it will list you the names of all of your pwarps. To delete, type /pw WARPNAME del 


I have taken a backup of the personal warp configs, so that if you should delete a Pwarp on accident that you need, I can provide you with coordinates.




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