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Router Suggestions

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Hello all, I just got new internet and now I am looking for a router. 


I need something that has really good range (over 60 ft), the current router I have right now is just not cutting it. We tried a cheap WIFI extender but it seems to have done nothing at all.


Budget is $100 - $130 without tax.


I need it really soon, so if someone can recommend something from bestbuy of microcenter that would be great. (I have gift cards at both of them). Obliviously though if their is a better deal online I will have to consider it.


Also any suggestions that can help with my current WIFI signal strength would be greatly appreciated too.


Thanks for any help yall can give me!



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For that range (of price) I would suggest you go looking down the ASUS route. They are super stable routers and are feature filled as well. Their antennas are powerful and they often allow for great control of their spectrum, band, and power (on the higher end ones at least). 




Wireless N, 2.4 and 5GHz bands, tri-antenna (upgrade-able), and a lot of QoS, Traffic Control options built in, I think this would be your best bet IN MY OPINION. :)



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I have a Asus  RT-AC68U for sale $100 



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