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DAS Keyboard Launches Gaming Line of Peripherals

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Click here to view the products.


Looks like DAS keyboard has finally got into the gaming world as far as keyboards go. They now have a keyboard and mouse, and a few other accessories. 







Now, while black and red aren't really my colors, I am very intrigued with these products. They don't look the best, and i'm an RGB fanboy - but my DAS keyboard was the best keyboard I ever owned, as far and build quality and use. 


Nothing types like the DAS does. I can't really explain it. My k70 is amazing, and it looks awesome, but it doesn't feel like an extension of myself like the DAS did. It was just so smooth, yet loud. What it lacks in features it compensates in quality. 

They are offering different color plates that you can put on your board if you want to change the color scheme. I thought that was pretty cool. 


One reason I am drawn to this keyboard is the single row of macro keys on the left side. Not too many, and i like that. 


Only ting that I am not a fan of is that they didn't offer a volume knob or media keys like they offer on their professional series. That is sort of the deal breaker for me as I use media keys all the time. However, having a 3 or 6 key pad in addition to the keyboard for media keys would suffice. 

At a $150 price point, it's still up there in price - but these board are. the. best. 


However. I just noticed these don't use Cherry Mx switches.....UGH. DAS. WHY. 


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they look pretty awesome but ill stick to my corsair mechanical keyboard :) but its cool you can buy different color panels for the keyboard itself



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Sucks about the switches. My DAS was my favorite keyboard to type on (not for functionality, of course), because the keys, pads, and entire structure were so slick and well built. Loved it! 


I'm glad to see them extending into this territory. Let's hope they continue to do so so that we can end up with an RGB, Cherry MX Blue keyboard. :)


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I´m running and stay with my original Cherry Keyboard (of course with Cherry switches) and the low-profile keys.

Cherry G80 MX-Board 3.0, blue switch.

It´s simple and one of the cheapest (around $80) mechanicals available ...


but I like the look of the DAS


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Oh @Nackers apparently the switches in the gaming keyboard are designed by Das, so who knows, they might actually be good?

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