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Server Wipe

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I am going to have to wipe the server to get the plugins to start working again. I have the map file so I can back it up plus I have the Oxide configs and plugins. We shouldn't lose anything since I have the map file but some stuff may be lost.


The other option I have is wipe the server and start some cool conversion mods


Battlefield Rust plugin: http://oxidemod.org/...ld.1330/history


Fort Wars Gamemode: http://oxidemod.org/...-gamemode.1618/


Devils Island (similar to Reign of Kings): http://oxidemod.org/...ls-island.1372/


I would like to get some opinions before I just up and choose something. Please reply with what you think and on Tuesday I will pull all of the suggestions together and make a decision. 



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I'm up for whatever needs to be done to get the plugins working for now, but whatever you want to do is fine!

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