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Keens Road Map for Space Engineers

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Original Link found here: http://blog.marekros...6-space_14.html
Space Engineers Roadmap
After two years in Early Access, I believe that Space Engineers has a vast amount of features - perhaps even more than what was needed. But we always wanted to keep the development going and add new features constantly since there are so many community suggestions that could be a great addition to the game. For example, I never would have imagined two years ago that we’d add planets! 
One of our top priorities is to improve multiplayer. It is not only about network coding, but is also related to game logic optimizations. We are working on a method where we put all non-real-time game-logic in a secondary thread. For example, the computations for drilling/refinery/conveyors/oxygen won’t delay the main thread (which has to stay real-time). The reason is that players can always build crazily huge things which slow down the game (regardless of how much we optimize it), and if players perceive non-smooth movement, they think it’s a bug. 
The development cycle of a game is complex, but its core idea does not differ from the development of the majority of products that are out on the market today. I will give you an example to understand this better. Let’s assume that you are producing a car. The first thing you do is assemble all necessary parts. After this phase is done, you take the car for a test drive. You identify any possible issues and then you fix them. After all issues are fixed and the car is functioning properly, you add the final touches – painting, polishing, etc. Then you are ready to start selling the car. The same principles apply to our games. Space Engineers is now in the phase where (nearly) all necessary parts have been assembled and we are ready to move to the major polishing and bug-fixing phase. This will probably be the longest and final bug-fixing period before the game is released in its final state.
Please note that the order of the list below is random and doesn’t reflect the priority that we give to each action. As I mentioned previously, our top-most priorities are to fix all annoying issues that make the game unplayable for many of you, improve the multiplayer, and polish the game.
SE roadmap
  1. Multiplayer - polishing, checking design, lag, compensation<
  2. Fix all sounds, 3D, arcade / realistic (ask programmers and our sound designer to make a list of all sounds used in the game and then have someone test them all – so that we don’t miss anything)
  3. Voxels: data cell cache, storage, optimization, profiling voxel runtime
  4. Render fixes (Ambient, environment map / lighting / reflections), occlusion query, ambient + backlight
  5. Occlusion culling - blocks / voxels (speed up the rendering)
  6. Disable object highlight on LCD screens (it’s annoying)
  7. Optimization and fixing the loading screen, and checking if there are worlds that take forever to load while not properly informing the player
  8. Fix loading screen issues (e.g. the wheel gets stuck at the end and I can hear the in-game sounds)
  9. Red message box – make the background texture less transparent; it’s hard to read text on it
  10. Conveyor system optimization
  11. Drilling / mining optimization
  12. New animation system / cashing  (speed optimization) / other optimizations
  13. Fix ugly animations
  14. Add new animations – e.g. holding a weapon
  15. Walking over small obstacles doesn't work - the player has to jump over them
  16. Jumping and holding the forward-movement key doesn't result in a forward jump, and this doesn't feel right
  17. Shooting and weapons
  18. A few more new weapons
  19. We need much better animations, holding weapons, ammo reload
  20. In general, we need a basic FPS experience
  21. "saving please wait" - hide this overlay text and do saving asynchronously without bothering the player
  22. Why does the game auto-save in multiplayer when I am the client and manual save isn't available?
  23. Remembering removed trees on planets
  24. Nvidia GameWorks – consider HBAO + Antialiasing (speed up)
  25. SE Indication of hydrogen fuel
  26. Spectator flash light / night vision
  27. Object highlight – outline – finish – also in ME
  28. Finish support for scenarios, mission scripts and sub-missions (will need for tutorials)
  29. Better support for gradual tutorials (story-based tutorials), submissions
  30. Finish building from cockpit
  31. Rethink the way of respawning, respawn ships, landing ships, and rethink "mobile tools" (manual assembler – so player can respawn without a ship and still be able to start building)
  32. Rag-doll + IK, bullet impact, falling, four legged...
  33. Official persistent servers
  34. Automated tests for our testers + buy dedicated computers where the game will run 24x7
  35. Redo the GUI framework (this doesn’t mean changing graphics; it only means the underlying tech which has become very cluttered over time)
  36. Game logic optimizations + oxygen (mostly for MP) + oxygen sensor
  37. Add voxel material in survival
  38. Improve tutorials
  39. Reduce the usage of text panels, deliver the info to the player via context-sensitive screen hints
  40. When I launch the first interactive tutorial, I see two things that I shouldn't see – the respawn screen and "you have been accepted to faction"
  41. Quickstart will be our interactive tutorial, with minimum text, HUD sub-mission navigation. Its purpose will be to engage the player and not to explain everything that happens in the game.
  42. After we add this new tutorial, remove the video tutorial message box
  43. Development of Xbox One version

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