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Unofficial FTB Server

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Unofficial FTB Server
Server IP:
Server Address: mc.gurthyy.com or mc.kherune.com
FTB Version - Infinity 2.4.2

You will need to add Chicken Chunks mod to Mod list to connect to server. Ask for assistance if you need it!



This is an unofficial server run by Kherune and Gurthyy. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please post it to the Minecraft Sub-forum. If the server requires a restart or any other maintenance requests, please contact Kherune or Gurthyy.

  • Zero Tolerance Policy

    Rules are not optional. Abide by them, or you will be removed - period.         

  • Be friendly

    Easy, don't be the meany on the server. Be friendly to others and they will be friendly to you.

  • Keep your distance

    Don't build right next to someone, you never know if they want to expand later on.

  • Stay mature

    This is for your builds and for how you behave on the server - this is Minecraft, not a Kindergarten.

  • Don't Steal

    Easy - you want something find it - but not in your neighbours chest!

  • Don't Grief

    There's a difference between a harmless prank and destruction of property. Don't forget the difference. 

  • Don't Cheat or Hack

    Not gonna bother to explain this... If these are used, you will be removed from the server permanently. 

  • Don't touch what does not belong to you

    If you find a chest out in the wild, think twice, you are accessing it at your own risk if you are reported for theft.

  • Be mindful that PVP is turned on

    PVP is active on this server.  Be aware that it is completely within anyones rights to kill you. Do not request comps nor file complaints when someone kills you.  We are all adults here.

*Any and all rules can be changed at any time based on server needs and for the betterment of the server.


  • Request to teleport to a player: /tpa *PLAYERNAME*
  • Accept teleport request: /tpaccept
  • Deny teleport request: /tpdeny
  • Set home location: /sethome
  • Set Additional homes: /sethome *NAME*
  • Remove Additional homes: /delhome *NAME*
  • Teleport to additonal homes: /home *NAME*
  • List of Homes: When multiple are set, simply /home


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