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Unofficial Server Policy

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In an effort to diversify the servers on which GSN’s community can play with like minded gamers, GSN has opened the ability for members to promote their personal game servers within the GSN community.


What is an Unofficial Server?

An Unofficial Server is a server where the community’s name “GSN” can be placed in the name of a personal gaming server.


Who can apply to own/host an Unofficial Server?

Unofficial Servers can be run by a GSN member if they are testing the waters for a new, unsupported game or providing a way for members to play a game that is not popular enough for GSN to officially support.


How can a GSN member get their server listed as an Unofficial Server?

In order for a personal server to be made an unofficial server, a member must contact BadBadRobot for permission.


Who maintains an Unofficial Server?

All server updates, configurations, restarts, admining, kicks, bans and the server’s rule sets are to be handled by the server owner. Any administrative actions are the sole responsibility of the owner/host and not that of the GSN Core or Advanced Members. All requests for such actions should be only directed towards the owner/host of the server and not towards GSN.


Who handles ban and kick disputes?

All disputes regarding actions taken by a Unofficial server’s owner/host should be directed to them and shall not be posted in the GSN forums. (This includes the Dispute A Ban section of the forums.) The owner/host’s name will be placed in the GSN server listings on the GSN Forums.

All playing rights on a server are that of the Unofficial Server owner/host and can be withdrawn from any person at any time for any reason.


Where are Unofficial Server Rules posted?

For each Unofficial Server that has been approved by GSN Core members, a sub-forum will be created to be used for discussions and threads regarding that server. All rules for that server shall be posted in the affiliated sub-thread a the time of the server becoming sponsored by GSN.


What is expected of an owner/host of an Unofficial Server?

As the GSN Code of Conduct states, “GSN holds its members - whether full members or forum members - to a high set of standards, and while anyone is a member, the community expects every person to uphold those standards. This does not only mean within the boundaries of the GSN forums and its servers, but on other platforms and websites as well.” This includes personal gaming servers that are sponsored by GSN. The above means that GSN expects all owner/hosts must abide by the tenets found within the GSN Code of Conduct. Any deviation from the tenets of the Code of Conduct found by GSN Core members may mean the immediate revoking of any and all sponsorships by an owner/host.



Any infractions on an Official or Unofficial Server may be held against a player’s GSN membership and/or their ability to play on other Official or Unofficial GSN Servers.


GSN Core members reserves the right to suspend or revoke the authorization of any Unofficial Server for any reason at any time.

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