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GSN Weekly has been canceled.

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wow really is a shame to see this go. was extremely enjoyable. can completely understand tho



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Sorry but I've been holding in the truth of why GSN Weekly was ended...

I was scheduled for Weekly 51. Making my 2nd appearance would have broken the internet.


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I agree a monthly show should go on. If not we should revolt because thats what people do


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Hello Loyal Subjects,

I iask that this Quote below be addressed to;


Thank you for the effort and dedication you put into this. It was an amazing show.


Ill ask this, maybe its something, a format, that other GSN members can use to fill the void?


I also add, in regards to the above quote, should it not be clear; Why not get two other Members to (Volunteer to) become the new Hosts of GSN?

I mean, previously, the hosts were not in the same location in hosting GSNW, why should it stand that it cannot go on without the previous hosts and be continued with other hosts?

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