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Fallout 4 Mods

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So since fallout 4 has been for a bit now and mods are popping up on nexus everyday. I was just curious on what mods everyone is running. 
This thread will also be a good place to find people that have tested mods together to insure that it wont break the game or that they will work with each other.


My Mod List

Pictures are welcome as well





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For my first play through of Fallout 4, I’m using these mods:

Source: http://blog.badbadro...lout-4-mod-list



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I usually just go with what I find best on MxR's channel. Have been since Skyrim.




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I had right at 100 mods on my second playthru most of them were bodyslide outfits but i do use alot of texture mods also and UI mods.


I am on my 3rd playthru right now and am using no mods so i can get the achievements haha.

Also my SSD was full so i couldn't get any new mods if i wanted to.


I really love Fallout as a game series and can't wait til i have my 1070 so i can play it on maxed settings haha.

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