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SpaceEngineers Server Running

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In lieu of some fairly substantial updates having been made to Space Engineers, there has been some feedback that people wanted the server running again, so I went ahead and started a new world, and fired the server up.


Keep in mind that this is strictly PVE and ANY destruction or killing of others will be dealt with by removal of the steam group.


The server is "protected" by steam group access. You must be in our steam group in order to get access to the server. Since our steam group is private, you will need to be approved and someone must vouch for you, if you are a non-gsn member (Just like we do/did the minecraft whitelisting). 


Gametracker still can't track this game so I can't provide a game tracker link but the details are below:


Name: GSN Gaming Steam Group Server

IP Address:

Port: 27018

World Name: GSN Galaxy


Any questions, just let me know!



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Been wanting to get back into SE, this is finally it!



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The server is running great, The Planetary Lander is working as intended, YOU WILL DIE A LOT trying to learn its controls. 


Hacksaws Outpost is up and running and the Faction is the CKA. @MrCheezle and I have been slowly getting the base of operations up. At this point any additional people wanting to join the faction, your landers are needed for scrap. Resources are VERY scarce and we are in the process of trying to find a uranium source so we can power the base better. Once we get that done, we will commence getting ourselves back in orbit, and then to the moon. All which seem as an impossible feat at the moment. 


This past update has me hooked... this is so much fun. 



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I'll most likely join you guys, sounds like fun!


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I'm gonna start playing.


I like grinding resources leading to my death, happens every zombie game i play just need to look in one more body while being chased it might have something - dead. Space engineers has been my, well my oxygen might hold out while I go just a little further game,

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I'd like to play some SE with y'all.. so...


@Nackers said @BadBadRobot has to set me up/approve to get into the Steam Group.

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