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Gurthy banned Dralan for greifing Koda, Killed her and wrecked the base


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im not even going to dispute this. yes i did it. 

reason's as to why. 

i parked my raft with my body inside a thatch hut about 500k away from the base with plans to farm for resources. the next day i logged in the raft was back at base i was dead. all my gear was gone. the base was gone. my dino and vans dino's were just left there defenseless. koda has me on steam never one contacted me to let me know what was up. she had come into the RGN teamspeak and talked to an admin on sunday about breaking down the base and leaving our stuff there. the admin had told her it would be wise to get ahold of me and van before doing said thing. she had told him she would but yet i never recieved a message from her so when i logged out sunday and logged in monday to being dead and all my shit back at base and my gear gone. what am i suppossed to think ya know? so i seeked revenge. was it right? probly not but before just banning me i think more than just myself needs punished for this. i'll be in RGN teamspeak if someone want's to come talk to me.



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I've already talked to RGN admins and they are aware of your antics. Two wrongs don't make a right, even if she did do what you claim. Have fun on another server.

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