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I got RDMed by BadBadRobot

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What game? (CoD, BF3, Ect..): Arma 3
What server were you on?: Altis Life
What time/date is the report for?: Today
What is the players name that you are reporting?: BadBadRobot

So I was in my house making money like the usual and then I hear sirens and then a huge fucking bomb gets dropped on Kavala I manage to hide under my desk and I was fine (btw my desk is made of solid pavement so then I come out and I see another bomb coming I quickly get my rocket launcher that cost 200 Million Dollars and I shoot the bomb with a bomb and I survive then BadBadRobot didnt initiate and he hit me in the head with his purple dildo bat, This really pisses me off Video: BTW THIS IS REAL VIDEO OF ARMA 3 



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