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The GSN Altis Life server is being closed, permanently.

gsn gaming altis life shutting down

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Kay well first off Robot. You are an asshole.... Now that I have gotten this off my chest I have a small complaint. While I am 24 and am totally fine with a 18+ voice service. I do know people that are 14 or 15 that are a hundred times more mature than some 20 year olds who think they should be given the world on a silver platter. I would urge you to get some admins who are capable of and would volunteer to talk to members or people who want to join that are younger say in skype or something before listing them to be able to join TS or discord. 


That being said I am not mad about the altis life server going down, as since the clusterfuck that happened with me and me being removed from my position as cop made me not want to play the server anymore due to shit admins who took things wildly out of context. So am I sad to see the altis life server go? No. Because I knew it was going to happen one way or the other. I'm glad it was nipped in the dick before it could do real harm to the community. I will try to stick around and do what I can, but being as monetarily challenged as I am will not be able to get the latest and greatest games to play with you guys. 



Finally to end this post. I love you Badbadrobot. <3


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now that the infection is over..


can we get that GSN feeling back now....

alot of us have missed it...


after being here for just over 3 years...ive had some of the best gaming moments ever...

ive been in tears of laughter and in some intense fire fights..but sadly this was before the altis server was created..

as the server took over it grew to fast,,it didnt feel like the tight gsn community anymore,,


i know weve picked up some good members on the way and i hope they stay for the community..

i mean where r u gonna find a better 1..


@BadBadRobot id love to see GSN back to how it was originally meant to be...

YESSS! Word for word how I feels.



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Well after, 224 replies and 6,500+ views to this thread, I think it's time to never look at this thread again. LOL. I did not expect to receive so many positive and supporting messages from GSN and community members, so thank you guys. To those who immaturely lashed out, you are the type of person we want leaving with that altis life server.


I was notified that the news of us closing our server made news in other altis life communities, big and small. It was very surprising. While some of the members there understood why it was done (Quote: "TLDR of that post: Altis Life gave my community diseases, so I'm cutting it off."), I saw some people comment "lets not make altis life kill us like it did GSN". So let me be clear, altis life didn't kill GSN. We are still VERY much alive. The server didn't get shut down because it was dead or player-less, in fact it was in it's prime, it was full every day. It has been ranked the #5 server for months and months. We had the tons of great admins, great staff and hard working committee's with all the tools they needed to do their job well. But no amount of help or popularity in the world would of helped with the negative effects altis life brought to this community. The bottom line: The game mode and the people who played it were cancerous and toxic. What do you do with cancer? You remove it.


For those who want to continue to play Altis Life, we gave the GSN server to a group of members (Ronduth, Gewchie, RisingRonin, etc) who took the server to create their own gaming community called Reckless Network. For those who left their long time positions at GSN to join them, you will be missed and good luck. You are gonna need it!


Now that the great purge of Altis life is over, lets play some games and have some fun.

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