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cozen1798 - combat log, breaking RP

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What game? (CoD, BF3, Ect..): Arma 3 Altis Life
What server were you on?: GSN Altis Life
What time/date is the report for?: 12:30am 10/19/2015
What is the players name that you are reporting?: Cozen1798

there have been issues with this guy trying to troll pub cops before. today, he followed me around, speeding past, knowing i could not catch him. finally, after several attempts to force him off the road, i had to jump out of my vehichle and shoot out a tire to stop him. he jumped out, broke RP to tell me he would report me for stopping him and tazing him, and after i got him to the PD, he told me something about breaking rules, and combat logged.



He has also been generally disruptive towards the GPD as a civ, and earlier, he joined as a pub cop, bought gear, shot out our tires and logged out. i will upload the video of that tomorrow.






Edit: I should add, this guy has been doing stuff like this to the pub cops for a week now. until now, I haven't gotten a good video of him in action. I think BlackjackGofish has a video of him, and will post it in this thread later. maybe.

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Thank you for your report.  A player note has been added. 

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